Directors Choice, LLC is a locally owned and operated, licensed Community Association Management (CAM) firm.  Our owners have been customer service-oriented local business owners for 13 years and have resided in Naples for 40 years.  Our team possesses a diverse portfolio of degrees, licenses, and certifications allowing us the ability to provide your community with tailored services to meet your association’s needs.  Our qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • CAM- Licensed Community Association Managers
  • CMCA- Certified Manager of Community Associations
  • AMS- Association Management Specialist
  • CET- Certified Elevator Technician

This extensive knowledge base gives us the background to properly manage your association’s assets and to confidently advise the Board of Directors in their endeavor to protect and enhance the community.  In addition, our team has the mechanical knowledge base to confirm machinery is functioning properly and to confirm vendors are providing their services adequately.

During our tenure as a Community Association Management firm, we have gained extensive knowledge in the collections and foreclosure processes.  The management team at Directors Choice, LLC will work with legal counsel to determine the quickest and most effective collection method against delinquent owners and procrastinating banks.  When the foreclosure process comes to completion, we have the experience to aid your association in collecting the maximum amount of funds possible to proactively reduce bad debt.