Below are some testimonials from our clients as well as respected counsel.  We are honored to work with them on a daily basis!


“In my experience, Directors Choice, LLC has always put the Association first, which is what the role of a management company should be.  They respond to each homeowner and developer request with the best interest of the Association in mind.”

Board President

“We have had the opportunity of working with Directors Choice, LLC for the past several years as a homeowner and now as a director of one of the associations in which they serve as the Management Company.  They have performed professionally and in a cooperative manner.  The past experience of the Howard’s in owning their own business for years and then their extension into the management of condo associations provides and explains why they are so capable of handling the day to day experiences of an association.  Directors Choice, LLC has the credentials, desire and the ability to assess and make the management recommendations to our board necessary to maintain an association utilizing the bylaws and managing the costs related to having an upscale association in a very competitive climate.”

Board Treasurer

“Our office has worked very closely with Directors Choice, LLC for well over two years in the area of Home Owners Association law and Condominium Association law.  We have been involved with Directors Choice, LLC on almost a daily basis, helping associations with the lien and foreclosure problems which are all too common today. Both Pam and Janet have a great work ethic, are very easy to work with and pay attention to detail.  Directors Choice, LLC would be an asset to any association, and I would encourage all associations to use the.  If you have any questions regarding my relationship with Directors Choice, LLC, please give me a call.”

Timothy J. Cotter, Esq.

Timothy J. Cotter P.A.

599 Ninth Street North
Suite 313
Naples, Florida 34102-5627
(239) 435-0111 phone
(239) 435-0300 fax

“Dear Ms. Howard,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time and patience to address my husband’s and my concerns regarding our unit and the status of the Condominium Association. Your knowledge was extensive, your explanations were clear and forthright, and your words were comforting. At a time when Customer Service is a dying art and personal assistance is non-existent, it is always a pleasure to hear your pleasant voice on the other end of the phone. Again, please accept our appreciation and praise for the quality of service you both are providing in such difficult economic times. Very truly yours,”
Condominium Association Homeowner
___________________________________________________________________________”Hello Directors Choice and Board Members,

This week I had the pleasure of meeting two new residents in our development. We had some great conversation and I would like to share a small part of it with all of you. Perhaps even get it in the next newsletter.

We all know how difficult it is to get a mortgage these days and all the new leans they imposed by the lender/banks. It is exceptionally difficult obtaining a loan on condo’s for numerous reasons. Here is a good news story for all in Timber Lake to enjoy and feel secure.

PNC Bank looked at [our community’s] financial report. They go back several years. Here is the comment they said to the buyer “if it was several years ago and they were investigating our funds for a mortgage, they would decline to give the mortgage to the buyer.

Today several years have passed, THEY SAID OUR Management Company, Directors Choice has us almost where we need to be with our reserves. We should be there soon if we keep up in the direction. The mortgage was approved.

Let’s give a round of applause to Directors Choice for bringing us to where we should be and keeping us there. These are the good news stories I want to share. Little by little, we are re-inventing [our association]. My goal would be to have everyone as happy as I am to be here.

Hats off to your Directors Choice! I know it’s not an easy job.


Owner & Proud Resident of [Condo Association]”



You have been so kind and wonderful to work with.  Same experience we have always has with Directors Choice and Pam Howard.  You guys are definitely 100 time better than most of the ones out there!

Kindest regards,
Real Estate Paralegal
“Thank you, Janet.

Once again, I just wanted to let you know it is always a pleasure to work with your office. You and your staff are always so friendly and accommodating, this is something really rare to find among management companies.

Best regards,”

Closing Coordinator, Law Firm


“I just had to tell you what an amazing job that you have done for us, untangling that mess that we were left with was a task not many management companies could have done, or would have done.

I am so glad that you were right and I was wrong about how to go about it. The future looks good again for our little association,

Thanks to you,”

Board President


“Janet & Pam,

Thanks a million. I would give anything if all management
companies were as efficient and professional as you are.”

Realtor & Community Member

“We have had the opportunity of working with Directors Choice for the past (six) years as a home owner and
now as a director of one of the associations in which they serve as the Management Company. They have performed professionally and in a cooperative manner.
The past experience of the Howard’s in owning their own business for years and then their extension into the management of condo associations provides and explains why they are so capable of handling the day to day experiences of an association. Directors Choice has the credentials, desire and the ability to assess and make the management recommendations to our board necessary to maintain an association utilizing the bylaws and managing the costs related to having an upscale association in a very competitive climate.”

Board Member


“Thanks Jan- home now and shivering in the cold…

May I just say that I am very impressed with Directors Choice and yourself- courteous, efficient, good communicators- all we could ask for from a Management Company- well done!!


Condo Association Homeowner

“Hi Janet,

Dale and I just wanted to say thank you to you and Pam for everything you do to help keep [our community] a great place to live. I appreciate so much the ability to voice our concerns and feel that we are heard and listened to.

…I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your diplomatic and fair approach.

Have a great summer”

Condo Association Homeowner


“I give the highest accolades to Directors Choice, LLC…!


Janet Howard: 239-877-7457

She is amazing in responding to phone calls and facilitating information immediately. Her professionalism in this field is unequaled”

Realtor & Condo Association Homeowner


“Hi Pam and Janet,

Just to let you know you are the best.

The meeting last night was terrific. Thank you both for all the hard work you have done for [our] association.

Warmest Regards”


“Never worked with such a cooperative management company. Thank you so much”

Have a great day!”

Title Company


“Just wanted to let you all know, nice job to whoever set up the [community] website and access to forms,etc. Excellent, easy to use, thank you
very much, I should be so tech savy, Nice Job!!!”


“Dear Faith,

I want to thank you and our landscaping company, very much for fixing our landscaping problem. The outcome is amazing.

Thank you for giving this such quick attention.”

HOA Owner


“You and your Company are doing an awesome job…none like we have ever experienced. I just want to say thank you for your service!!!”

HOA Owner


“Good Afternoon Alicia,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts! I know this was a special acception and would not expect this normally but I was put in a tough spot with these wonderful people and wanted to do everything I can for them to help. I hope you can understand.

Regardless, I think you are the goods and very thankful for what you did.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for being you!!!”



“Just a quick note based on my experience on the phone today with Faith at our new management company.

She was so professional, friendly and very efficient.

I think I have called her 3 times now and I felt that way regarding all of our interactions, so this time I decided I’d let you know.

I’m glad we changed companies because doing business with Directors is a much more pleasant experience than the previous company.

Thank You for all the work you do here for us and for keeping us informed of things happening.

I appreciate it!”

HOA Owner 


“Hello Team,

I agree. These are the things we need to bring to the residents’ attention. I am constantly battling with them and educating them on how much work goes into running this development and the success stories. Most of all Directors Choice is ethical. I wouldn’t want a company representing us and doing our banking that doesn’t have us and our finances in our best interest. Going forward I think we need to listen more and have them weigh in their input and experience. Pam has an unbelievable background we need to tap her knowledge and experience she is an unbelievable resource, i.e our landscaping. pool repair etc. Janet has unbelievable finance, organization, budget experience, Greg is Mr. fix it, Faith keeps our deposits and the office running smoothly and Alicia, what a great welcome you receive from her when answering the phone and visiting the office in addition to keeping the administration functions running smoothly. We are doing a great job, let’s stick with it. ”

Owner & Proud Resident of [Condo Association]


“Dear Pam.

Impressed and highly satisfied with your firm’s management I’ve recommended you to the board of [another association] where we also have properties.

I cannot influence their choice to change but my recommendation will make a

Thank you”

Proud Owner of [Condo Association]


“Hi Janet,

Thanks for including me in the decision-making process.

Thanks for all you do! I think of how wonderful you are every time I see an e-mail from you but don’t always have the time to say it.’

Condo Association Homeowner


In all my dealings with management companies throughout Naples, I have never known a more professional, responsive one.  When you have a question, Janet gets back to you immediately!”



Our lender received the latest information from you and said everything looks to be in order.  We are due to close March 31st and this would not have happened without your assistance!
We plan to be down the week of the closing and would love to stop by to thank you in person.

See you in a few weeks!”

Condo Association Homeowner


“Thanks, Janet.  We are fortunate to have you and such a responsive management group!”

HOA Board Member